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Aaron's Images came to exist after a like-minded artist discovered me at a music festival on August 7th, 2010. He said he liked my work and casually invited me to have an exhibit.  While the invite was wholly unexpected and I was completely unprepared for such an event, I knew I needed to brand myself.  Choosing a name was the easy task but little did I know how difficult it would be to create and settle on a design for my logo.

This was my first photo exhibit and I wanted to do it well, so I decided to be a purist and make frames and frame my own photographs, I focused on making a logo that looked in and of itself like it was framed. While it was a nice first attempt at a logo design, I ended up scrapping it for something simpler and modern.

Two years later, I found myself again at the drawing board, sorting through fonts, trying to figure out if the letters 'ai' could look good as is. While I never did find the right font, I did manage to mold together the two letters into the logo that I'm using today.

Two and a half years to finalize a logo isn't bad, right?


AI Prototype 01.jpg
AI Prototype 02.jpg
AI Prototype 03.jpg
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AI Logo - Beta Final.jpg
NEW AI Ideas 01.jpg
AI Logo - Beta 01.jpg
AI Logo - Final.jpg
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AI Logo - Alpha Final .jpg
AI Logo Final - Usage.jpg