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Aaron's Images and the logo came to exist after a like-minded artist discovered me at a music festival on August 7th, 2010. He really liked my work enough and casually invited me to have an exhibit.  The invite was wholly unexpected by and I knew I wanted to brand myself before the exhibit, so I chose a name easily enough but had no idea how difficult producing a logo and settling on a design would be.

I started working with the letters A & I, but I quickly found myself dabbling with what looked like the letters in a picture frame. This first logo had its run for two years later, but I found myself back at the drawing board again, sorting through fonts, figuring out a plan to merge the A & I together as one.

The letters finally did fuse together which was symbolic of Aaron's Images being a brand for a multitude of mediums; not just framed art and photography.


AI Prototype 01.jpg
AI Prototype 02.jpg
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AI Logo - Beta Final.jpg
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AI Logo - Beta 01.jpg
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AI Logo - Alpha Final .jpg
AI Logo Final - Usage.jpg